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The next few articles will look at different traits and characteristics that individuals bring into the team environment. For those that are less than productive Cheap Nationals Shirts , they must be dealt with as soon as possible.

Before we go much further, I agree that the overall responsibility lies with the team leader BUT as team members we all have a duty of care, we all carry the responsibility to succeed.

No brainer, but I'll ask it anyway - do you want your team to fail or be successful?

Quick point about the team leader. Although the clues and tips in these articles are aimed at how the team leader can act in a positive way, if you recognise a given trait in yourself, recognise that there is something that can be done positively to help improve the productivity of the team.

Let's meet the first of these characters - The Reluctant Team Member

Even just one can significantly impact the team dynamic Cheap Nationals Jerseys , cause distraction and delay progress.

I cannot over emphasise that if any other team member discounts or under values the inputs a reluctant team member makes, the team leader runs a huge risk of increasing the reluctance, not minimising it.

Why is an individual team member struggling, reluctant to participate? Can we determine the root cause(s)?

Does he or she actually believe they are reluctant, maybe not!

"Listen when I have something to contribute, I will."

Remember Wholesale Kevin Long Jersey , we don't all have the same values and these values can drive our beliefs and actions. Also we are not talking about rights and wrongs here, just differences.

Also, in the context of being a team player, we may have differing needs...

I normally work on my own, so I'm not comfortable in a team setting I need to understand why I am here, what's my role? I'm not comfortable speaking in a group I'm not as extroverted as some of the others I'm happy to participate but not to take the initiative

So Wholesale Stephen Strasburg Jersey , the issue is not that we can be different with different needs. The problems arise when either as team leaders or team members we do not encourage the so-called reluctant team members to participate more (and, perhaps encourage the more extrovert of us, to listen more - see part 3, coming next).

What Can The Team Leader Do Constructively?

In our job role, we all have clearly defined and measurable objectives (hopefully). If the 'reluctant' team member is part of a project team, it may be possible to allocate specific project tasks to individual members much in the same way Wholesale Victor Robles Jersey , with each assignment being measurable, timed and reported back to the team. Delegate don't dump. Make sure the team member is ready and able. Prepare to succeed, not fail! Maximise strengths, eliminate or, at least, minimize weaknesses. Through individual job role appraisals and team feedback Wholesale Matt Adams Jersey , there should be enough data to formulate an effective training needs analysis, through which team related opportunities can be identified. The use of problem solvingdecision making tools such as brainstorming are a very effective way of involving the reluctant participant as long as the rules are followed correctly. For an example of conducting a successful brainstorming session see article: How To Conduct a Successful Brainstorming Session ID: 83873 As confidence grows, as involvement increases, encourage even more participation by asking the erstwhile 'reluctant' team member directly, in the team setting, for their opinion or ideas.

The next article will look at Team Members Who Dominate

Chile Hotels: Puerto Natales Travel Articles | April 21 Wholesale Ryan Zimmerman Jersey , 2010
Puerto Natales is a must-see destination on any Chile vacation as is Torres del Paine National Park, arguably one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world. In Puerto Natales, we recommen...

Puerto Natales is a must-see destination on any Chile vacation as is Torres del Paine National Park, arguably one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the world. In Puerto Natales, we recommend two hotels that will give you the comfort and quality service you are looking for in your Patagonia experience. After days out on the tourist trail it is important that you are coming home to a nice cozy place, but you may also want to discover something unique about your hotel experience. Every hotel is different and location is different so why should your hotel experience be the same everywhere you go.

Hotel CostaAustralis is located on the edge of the astonishing Ultima Esperanza fjord Wholesale Michael Taylor Jersey , in the awesome town of Puerto Natales. The CostAustralis hotel stands out as a living example of the spontaneity of the Magellan architecture. The model on which this hotel is based, is to provide quality service in a friendly welcoming manner, similar to the manner in which the locals in the city are welcoming. Service is there calling in this stunning hotel that resembles a Bavarian castle. It is definitely the most extravagant hotel in Puerto Natales and will make your experience both comfortable and unique.

The hotel is located right on the waterfront at 262 Avendido Puerto Montt in Puerto Natales, Chile. There are 74 rooms, a business center, delicious restaurant and room service is available as well in case you want breakfast in bed. Hotel CostAustralis is really going the extra mile to make sure its guests have a wonderful time during their stay in Puerto Natales.

Our second recommended hotel in the beautiful Puerto Natales is Indigo Hotel & Spa. This hotel also offers amazing ocean views Wholesale Adam Eaton Jersey , mountain views and glacier views. It?s a designer hotel with a Scandanavian feel. The rooms are well equipped and comfortable. The spa and the jacuzzi?s are heaven to relax in at the end of the day. Each morning at breakfast you can enjoy fresh pineapple, strawberry, orange or peach juices. The staff is always helpful and smiling.

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