wait until him to run to the berth bottom

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The Yan flies the shot of its never thought that to kill this black tunic person, again facing underneath the berth rush but go to.But at this time, outside sea surface under of the unmanned machine divide time hair to come to new information, in its observation, that cargo vessel behind of the hatch have been already opened, a medium-sized hydroplane from in open out, then accelerate on the surface, finally fly up the sky.
The Yan flies one speed of being surprised, hurriedly stepping on it and has no black tunic person to come out to obstruct him any further this time.And wait until him to run to the berth bottom, what person don't also see, just the detection is most below a huge room, there is still on the ground the black trace of tire ambulation, plus be opened of berth front door, the Yan flies to make sure that the last black dress personses and six Ping pings are to ascend here a hydroplane, then flies up from the sea surface here the sky.
Arrive this time, the Yan flies just suddenly realize, wholesale Plantation shutters understand Sa Xin Pai is how six Ping pings are from 1500 kilometers outside of evil all delivered here of.Originally they made use of a hydroplane, there is hydroplane, 1500 kilometers of distances don't calculate what difficult matter, these was also those two seamans and suddenly and on a ship discovered the reason of a few strangers.But Mu in that Sa is the person of Sa Xin, a Chinese family name parties, he inwardly carries on an operation, natural no one discovers that this cargo vessel bottom incredibly hides a hydroplane.This is also these Sa Xin Pai's assassin discover that he or she's movements leaks out, start the reason that withdraws toward berth bottom, originally they want to embark a hydroplane to leave here.
To not let people's use adjust a tiger to leave mountain, it accounts, all the way the Yan flies to cautiously listen to, didn't discover that other rooms contain any action as well as discover the existence with anyone.Is also say, leave of two black tunic persons and six Ping pings on the hydroplane that flies to walk.
The black tunic person took to land Ping Ping to escape like this, if is others, will do to stare, but have no way.But fly to the Yan to say, this doesn't calculate what, because he has unmanned machine to divide time.If in the cargo vessel berth, he doesn't have unmanned machine help, with lend so many berth rooms, the Yan flies to probably still need to have a headache how to find out six Ping pings and save back.But in the sky, that was really own world, oneself has strong unmanned machine to divide time, those two black tunic persons are robbing difficult escape.
Hence the Yan flies to jump down sea water and passes the hatch facing for opening cargo vessel to outside visit to go out.In the sea water of outside, he operates unmanned machine quickly ascend float, then get off the ground, the machine head adjusts to turn, the god of fire cannon aims at to still float in the small scaled submarine on the sea surface.
Wasn't owners to all up get to cargo vessel on that small scaled submarine in, if there are also several personal stations, the bridge is at the submarine warship up, speed up to maintain a personnel to fix submarine propeller.Suddenly see water in sea surface Shanghai in the distance a burst of to seethe, immediately after a huge aircraft flies a surface.That aircraft just flew a surface, start transforming, became the shape of rice country air force f-15 a while.
The person of movie whom the warship bridge is previous to usually see a rice country swallowed saliva and shockedly said:"Zhen lord at up, this is Transformers, it is the red spider in the Ba tiger in the sky.Did Transformers want to attack and occupy the Earth ……"
Then they see this huge f-15 adjusting a turning point head and using the machine head submarine that aims at them.Flash across in the submarine commanding officer heart far from good felling, roar loud a way:"Descend Qian, descend Qian at once ……"
Just his seaman hasn't come yet and carry on any operation, see plane wings f-15s under a bright, two guided missile blast - offs go out, the target is exactly the small scaled submarine of sea surface.Sees 2 wear A to play exact center submarine warship body, then have violent explosion.The small scaled submarine is immediately blasted open two holes, the sea water starts infusing into a submarine. wooden shutters blinds

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