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The end of the year is a natural time for reflection. And depending what frame of mind you're in Matt Murray Premier Jersey , the changing year can either feel great-or miserable. Are you counting your blessings or counting your hard luck stories?

Before you even think about what New Year's resolutions you'd like to make, it's important to be in acceptance of where you are right now. If you look in the dictionary, you will find that to "resolve" something means to break it up into parts and analyze it. A "resolution" takes it further by then making a decision or determination for the future. So if you want to make a quality plan for next year Authentic Sidney Crosby Jersey , don't just carry over your unresolved issues from this year! Give yourself a fresh start with this mood-lifting exercise to wrap up the passing year and get yourself in present time.

Step 1: List Your Accomplishments One of the most common laments that I hear from business owners is "I didn't accomplish what I wanted to year." There can be many different issues underneath this one, but an easy place to start is with a "reality check." Get out a piece of paper and write down all the things you DID accomplish. If you're really stuck and can't remember, then get out your date book. Be sure to inventory ALL the things you accomplished Authentic Jake Guentzel Jersey , including business & personal activities, whether you completed them in whole or in part. Also, it doesn't matter whether you are satisfied with the results are not-the key is to dispel the belief that you didn't get anything done by a preponderance of evidence to the contrary.

Step 2: Acknowledge Yourself If you've been down on yourself Authentic Matt Murray Jersey , counting accomplishments is great way to start looking at the positive. But what about your inner life? It's not just about what you DO but who you ARE that matters. What personal traits can you acknowledge yourself for? Deepen the meaningfulness of your written list by including some of the challenges you faced and what personal qualities you developed within yourself. For example, did you show compassion in a time of conflict? Where you acting honorably by keeping a commitment to yourself or someone else? Maybe you experienced a tragedy, but developed a certain strength as a result. To me Sidney Crosby Jersey , it's the personal feats of courage, beauty, and integrity that are the REAL accomplishments of life. By acknowledging yourself in this way Jake Guentzel Jersey , you begin to build genuine self- esteem and get to know what the "real you" is all about.

Step 3: Count Your Blessings After you list your accomplishments, both inner and outer, you'll naturally feel more optimistic. It's the glass half-full perspective. So let's fill it all the way up! Ask yourself the question Matt Murray Jersey , "What am I grateful for?" Most people start out by listing the big things that they usually take for granted, such as a place to live and so on. But to get the most out of this exercise, I want you to look for the small and sometimes subtle things. Did someone say something nice to you on a day when you really needed it? Did a situation turn around for the better for you or for someone you love? On any given day Cheap Pittsburgh Penguins Jerseys , countless small blessings occur that make your life better. Gratitude is consciously receiving them with joy. So soak them up and let that joy shine from within!

Mark Coleman: Does the Ground and Pound King Still Have The Juice? Sports Articles | January 22, 2010
Legendary Mark Coleman earned his nickname "the Hammer" in the octagon as he was the Godfather of ground and pound technique. Mark Coleman is one of the few hall of famer in the UFC who still is active inside the cage.

Legendary Mark Coleman earned his nickname "the Hammer" in the octagon as he was the Godfather of ground and pound technique. Mark Coleman is one of the few hall of famer in the UFC who still is active inside the cage.

Mark Coleman is now 45 years old. He stands six feet-one inch tall and weighs 205 pounds. He holds a professional record of 16 wins with 9 defeats.

Mark Coleman is a former NCAA division 1 wrestling champion. After combining it with other forms of wrestling he has considered himself as a freestyle wrestler. Although Coleman is a wrestler he is very deadly with his strikes. His basic strategy is to utilize his wrestling to slam his opponents to the ground then attempt to mount the opponent then start raining his powerful punches: hence the nickname "the Hammer". Mark Coleman is? a very lethal striker and is very successful in most of his take-down attempts but the questions remains: at the age of 45 does he still have the juice to fight?

Coleman is set to fight another veteran MMA pound for pound fighter, Randy Couture. Couture and Coleman share something in common as they meet in the cage; their old age. Both fighters are equally talented in their respective discipline of fighting. Now Nick Bjugstad Penguins Jersey , both at the age of retirement each seeks glory before leaving the industry. Now Coleman is increasing his training especially his cardio to match the stamina of known late rounder Couture.

Mark Coleman attempts to win this fight against couture with a explosive knock-out and to achieve that he must be able to carry-out his game plan of ground and pound. In order for that to happen he must be able to take-down couture or at least hit him with a solid shot to rock him out of balance. If he is able to manage that and capitalize on the situation he will have big chance of winning the bout. Coleman is a known striker with quick and powerful fist that delivers knock-out shots to opponents.

As UFC 109 approaches both sides prepares for what critiques believes as their last match of their MMA career. What we can be sure of is that the fight will be an explosive one with a sure non-disappointing ending.

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