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There are currently more than 50 million home mortgages in the United States today. So why aren't more homeowners taking advantage of the highest yielding lowest risk Nike Air VaporMax Suisse , tax-free financial strategy available today?

Let me ask you.

Where can you.......

? Forego only $3.35 in tax savings (three dollars and 35 cents)

? Invest $350 over the course of 12 months ( three hundred and fifty dollars)

? Get a return of $3,300! (That's Three thousand three hundred dollars)

$3300 for $353.35?

It's certainly not the stock market, pork bellies or even currency trading. These vehicles are all highly leveraged high risk speculations in which the vast majority of the participants lose money Nike Air Max 720 Suisse , Lots of money.

So what is this low risk high return tax-free strategy?

Well, it's right in front of your nose. In fact this is so close to home that you may have never even realized the life altering benefits you can achieve.

It's called The Bankers Secret otherwise known as equity acceleration or mortgage principal pre-payment

Several years ago author Mark Eisenson wrote the best selling book titled The Bankers Secret which effectively blew the lid off of what most bankers were all too happy not to talk about. The strategy of pre-paying mortgage principal in order to accelerate equity gain.

It's no wonder they weren't talking. In our example above simply by paying an extra $350.00 on your mortgage in one years time $3300.00 in future interest is saved. Thats quite a savings, wouldn't you agree?

Years ago you could only learn of this by having a banker as a relative or by attending an expensive seminar.

Just imagine how much interest you will save while at the same time substantially cutting down the number of years it will take to pay off the mortgage.

But it gets even easier. Pay your mortgage on a bi-weekly basis (perfectly legal) and you will be astounded at the number of years you can shorten the mortgage while hardly noticing the change at all. This is the perfect strategy for those who feel they just can't afford to pre-pay a mortgage. Truth be known you really can't afford to miss this opportunity.

Since the publishing of The Bankers Secret many have embraced this deceptively simple and incredibly safe wealth building strategy. You may even have read the book and be familiar with the strategy. So the question begging to be asked is......

Why aren't you doing this?

There are several reasons most people don't begin an equity acceleration program but when you really analyze these you come to know that they're really not reasons at all Nike Air Max 95 Suisse , they're actually misconceptions.

See if any of these "reasons" sound like yours.....

? It sounds too good to be true

? I can't afford to pre-pay

? I'll lose my biggest tax deduction

? My banker will resent me if I pre-pay

? My banker will subtract my pre-payments from the back end of my loan

? I can get a better return on my money some place else

While many people use these as reasons not to get started the undiluted truth is that all these "reasons" are 100% false!

You can do this.

Start an equity acceleration program today and you will be years ahead of your friends at your very first mortgage burning party..

Remember this: When there is nothing to lose by trying and everything to gain then by all means try!

Randall Madon is a business owner who is also a Homeowner. He uses a totally free equity accelerator software program. You can use it too. Download your free copy at When people think of an online dating service, they often figure that these sites are mostly inhabited by older adults who have gone through a few failed relationships On the other hand, it is also very important to realize that teens in college or entering the work force are just as interested in finding the perfect romantic partner. Sometimes teens are more interested in finding serious love than adults. In fact Nike Air Max 90 Suisse Pas Cher , you may be surprised to find out that an online dating service may be the ideal place for teens to start looking for an appropriate mate.

Finding Someone that Shares Common Life Goals

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Personal Safety and Joining an Online Dating Service

Many young people fear joining an online dating service because they are concerned about meeting some type of criminal. This is a legitimate concern for teenage daters. As you may be aware, it is just as easy to wind up dating a drug dealer or some other type of criminal when you go to a bar or decide to date classmates. Fortunately air max suisse soldes , many online dating services screen candidates for past criminal records. While this does not guarantee that a prospective partner will never commit a crime, the same risk holds true regardless of how you meet other people.

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