horns have won 4 national titles. A

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Great Ideas For Bathroom Remodeling in Your Home Home Repair Articles | February 25 Stephen Vogt Jersey , 2011
Bathroom remodeling is one of the best places to start when it comes to making some changes around the house. For most people this is a smaller area of the house and it can be the perfect place to get some idea of what it takes to completely transform a room. Please read on.

Bathroom remodeling is one of the best places to start when it comes to making some changes around the house. For most people this is a smaller area of the house and it can be the perfect place to get some idea of what it takes to completely transform a room. There are several key pieces of this room that you may want to consider making changes to. Some of them will require more time, effort and money than others, so look to see where you want to start and what you would like to have at the end of the project.

Toilet and TubShower

Because the toilet Joe Panik Jersey , tub or shower, and sink need to be hooked up to the water, you want to start your bathroom remodeling here. Other things can be moved to fit around these major pieces of the room. Look at the items that you already have and decide whether or not you want or need new ones. If you are planning to completely replace the toilet Evan Longoria Jersey , you may want to look for one with a little more height, one that is more efficient with water, or one that is a different shape than the one you have.

The tub and shower is where you can make the most dramatic change. Think about whether or not you want the two to be separate or if you want them together. What type of doors do you want to have on the shower? What type of handles and knobs do you think will look best? Bathroom remodeling will be most noticeable here. Think about what will look good but also be functional for you and your family.

Counter Tops and Sinks

Choosing the counter tops and sinks goes hand in hand as the two are going to have to fit together. If you only have one sink you may want to look into adding another during the bathroom remodeling. You can also use this to add extra cabinets Brandon Belt Jersey , giving you a little more storage space. If you think you would use it, add a vanity in between the two sinks. This gives you just a clear area with one a small cabinet underneath. Here you can sit and put on makeup, do your hair Kevin Pillar Jersey , or any other beauty tasks that you want to take care of.

This is a great chance to upgrade the materials used on the counter tops and sinks. Consider looking into tilling to give a more customized look. You can also choose marble, granite, or other material that will match the colors that you are working with in the rest of the room. Take your time before deciding on materials as well as a pattern. Chances are you won't be redoing it all again any time soon.


You want to choose new cabinetry to complement the rest of the bathroom remodeling that you have been working on. As you search for just the right style and texture Barry Bonds Jersey , consider cabinets that are raised higher than more traditional counter tops. This may make using the sink and counter a little easier as it is lifted to a new height. Also, you will get a few extra inches of cabinet space in the raise. Article Tags: Bathroom Remodeling, Counter Tops

Longhorns On The Field

Can you say one of the best? Texas football has been a traditional powerhouse for a bunch of years. They have been in the Big 12 conference for going on 15 years now. During the years of the program Willie Mays Jersey , the Longhorns have won 4 national titles. A whopping 32 conference championships. However, out of all these successful seasons, Texas only has two prior Heisman winners.

For the past 72 NFL drafts Throwback San Francisco Giants Jerseys , Texas has sent at least one player to the NFL. For the past 73 years, Texas is ranked as the #7 college football team. A team that has just under 850 wins & a winning percentage over 70%. There are only two other schools(Notre Dame & Michigan) that can say they have a better winning percentage than the Longhorns.

They trail only 1 other team for total bowl appearances. They're also in the top 10 for total games played. Since the BCS started in 1998, the Longhorns have played in four BCS games. They have won 75% of those BCS appearances including a game for the coveted national championship five years ago. The other BCS victories came against two other powerhouse schools.

Longhorn Hoops

A team that has been playing basketball for over 100 years. Not to be left in the shadows of the football program Custom San Francisco Giants Jerseys , the basketball program has been very good as well. A team that has made the NCAA tournament every year since 1998. 220+ wins for the past 11 seasons as well.

They rank in the top 15 for victories all-time. 27 total conference titles without claiming a national championship. The current head man(Rick Barnes) has been at the coaching controls for 12 years now. He had been the head coach at Clemson University for the previous 5 seasons. He has a winning percentage of just under 72% while at Texas.

A previous Texas player that's gaining more & more recognition is Kevin Durant. After spending only season at Texas, Durant declared for the draft & has since become a force to be reckoned with in the NBA for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Longhorns On The Diamond

Definitely in the upper echelon of college baseball schools. A team that stakes its claim to having the best winning % ever. Besides that, there's only one other team beats them in total wins too. One thing they can claim alone is having the most College World Series(CWS) appearances with 33. Another CWS feat is having the most wins with 82.

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