The Battle for Azeroth was about both

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Now the war campaign is over, are we going to observe that the 2 factions collaborate with each wow gold other more? The Battle for Azeroth was about both of these sides fighting over the fate of earth and actually shaping what its future would be. But lots of those things which have played out over the previous couple of years, and in years before, concerning the battle between the Horde and Alliance, people won't only go away.

War is something which affects cultures deeply. We are going to observe the themes as well as the repercussions of what occurred in Battle for Azeroth play out on both a personality level, through these mythical characters which inhabit our world, as well as the cultures and regions and factions that inhabit it. There's going to be a lot of long term managing the events which occurred in Battle for Azeroth and some of the choices which were made. It is not going to be a simple road for a lot of these characters.

One of the more interesting criticisms of this narrative that I've seen is that the Horde is getting off a bit too easy for a few to buy classic gold of the atrocities they have committed, particularly earlier in the war. Is there going to be a reckoning in the future? I don't wish to go into too much spoiler territory, however you'll see, in the subsequent stages of Visions of N'Zoth, afterwards from the storyline for this -- you'll see the perspectives of the leaders of the world and the way they are coming together.

Well, you'll see some different viewpoints on this from the Alliance side. You may see Anduin, somebody who is strived for peace during his lifetime, have one perspective on that, whereas somebody like Tyrande, whose civilization has been ravaged by what Sylvanas did, she is likely to have a far harder time taking a few of these things. That is definitely -- those differences in the way the various Alliance leaders, and some of those Horde leaders, view what occurred, will be key to some of the storylines moving forward.

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